My New Job…

The interminable transition/reformation/vacation has finally come to an end. Praise the Lord! Now, it’s back to reality. Kind of.

On Wednesday, May 8, I accepted the call to be the Pastor of a church that didn’t yet exist, meeting at a place not yet secured, with a membership not yet determined, drawing a salary not yet acquired, beginning on a date not yet established. No building, no budget, no staff, no pulpit, no copy machine, no office, no microphone……no clue! How’s that for reality?

Truth is, I’m more excited than I’ve ever been! Living for four months out of the pastorate was one of the most difficult – even if rewarding – periods of my life. I have come to the point where I can honestly thank God for all the things I’ve experienced during this time. My perspective on life, family, and ministry has been changed forever. These months have been a true sabbatical for me. I’ve never received more love, support, and encouragement than I have while in the valley. Yet all of that pales in comparison to the transforming presence of God, who has spoken to my heart and revealed Himself to me in ways I could never have previously imagined.

But now it’s time to get back to work. I have a fire in my soul to get back in the pulpit – if I can find one, that is.

The Lord has led my family, some friends, and me to begin a new church plant in Madison, Georgia. There are already many wonderful churches in this county, but we are convinced that Jesus has a specific call on our lives for this opportunity. God has performed some true miracles to bring this to pass. We did not seek it. We do not yet understand it. But we cannot deny it! I’ve never been more dependent upon the Lord, nor more confident in His calling. I have found the simple joy that Jesus promised – and it is awesome beyond description!

We have been led to call the church, “Redeemer.” I love that name for God – used 162 times in the Bible to describe God as the One who transforms brokenness, disaster, and heartache into peace, joy, and hope. My life’s desire is to experience and proclaim that redemption. It’s time to preach! Trust me – both barrels are loaded. I can’t wait!

These are exciting days for the Darsey family. We’ve never been more unsettled. At the same time, we’ve never felt more secure. Pray for us, praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!




2 comments on “My New Job…

  1. barbara moore says:


    Barbara moore

  2. Lesa says:

    Leap of Faith, my Brother! Keep the FAITH!

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